The Unfavorable – Chapter 14


I watch her run away from me even after she disappears from my view. Running my fingers along my lips, I can still feel hers against them. My head is still trying to wrap around the idea that I poured my heart out to her. That I asked her to stay in Landow with me. Well, with Micah and me. Still. Some of her is better than nothing at all.

Even with all that, I have no idea whether she’s actually going to come back or leave me here to rot. She didn’t confirm or deny. Never gave me her decision about what she was going to do from this point. Surprisingly, it doesn’t bother me. It doesn’t matter. I’m going to stick to my word and wait for her. No matter how long it takes. That kiss gave me enough hope that the gut-wrenching fear I felt over her leaving for good has eased to a dull ache. So much easier to manage this way. It’s not so overwhelming.

Peeking around the opening to the Boilers, I see everyone still working hard to keep the electricity going strong up above. No one noticed the Favorable practically skipping through back to Geha. Soon these men and boys will be going home for the evening, only to come back the next morning and start all over again for people who don’t even know where it comes from, or how they get electricity. If I weren’t in such a good mood, the thought of such ungrateful people gaining from our work would make me sick.

Walking slowly, I make it to the small room with the scrolls within seconds and without anyone looking my way. Not that it would have bothered me if someone had. It means nothing to me either way. I shut the door behind me and it clicks into place. Walking around the desk, I take a seat behind it with my feet crossed on the left corner. The top of the desk is clear besides the small piece of coal. I forgot that it was still there. I’m one of the only people who use this room since few others can read the scrolls, but I thought it would have been at least a little bit since the first time I brought it in here. The first time I touched her skin, soft against my rough and rugged fingertips…

I knew that Micah hadn’t had the greatest time the past years, but I had no idea the reason he became Unfavorable. Although Aukai and I asked on many occasions, he refused to talk about what his life was like before coming to Landow. He never even told us that he had a sister up in Geha. I would never have known they were siblings if it weren’t for their facial features and mannerisms being so similar. It has always been easy to tell that he was forced to leave something behind that he cared very much about, but he made it seem like it was never that big of a deal. Like it was his baby blanket or something.

Harboring all that anger and longing for so long had to have been difficult. I still can’t believe that Micah had to go through all that. It’s so ridiculous that the citizens of Geha would abandon those of us who aren’t up to par, but then to damn a teenager to this life because he had a crush on the wrong guy’s daughter? Granted, I would never want to trade this life for that, but I would never want to be forced to leave behind those I love. Even though life in Landow is much better than inside Geha, I would never want to abandon the ones I consider family. I would have done the same thing in his position, and I don’t blame him for trying to get word up to Alora year after year. If she ends up leaving me here, I will do the same thing until I’m able to hold her in my arms again.


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