Friend Fridays – SNEAK PEEK of Zombie Ocean Book 8 by Michael John Grist!

Here’s a quick snippet, of Amo heading to the far north:

It’s not a rock, but a building of glass and cement with a slim glass tower rising from it like a land-locked lighthouse. Everywhere it is frosted with a thick layer of blue-ish ice, obscuring any detail. Around it lies an empty expanse of flat snow; probably once a parking lot or a helicopter pad or a security perimeter.

I estimate the building is several hundred feet along, maybe three floors tall, with the tower twice as high. There are no signs on its front or straddling the perimeter, or if there are, they’ve been obscured by years of creeping ice. Its dark glass body rises from a pale cement base, looking for all the world like some high-tech office park plucked out of Silicon Valley and dropped from the sky. I can imagine Yangtze or Google setting up here, filling the multiple floors with spiraling slides, relaxation spas and pool rooms.

At the top of the tower the yellow light shines toward me, and with it the signal pours out, and I know what it is now.

A shield. A lens. A focusing point.


I don’t know about you guys…but I’m super excited for this book! Find the rest of the series on! Here are some links:

Book 1 – The Last
Book 2 – The Lost
Book 3 – The Least
Book 4 – The Loss
Book 5 – The List
Book 6 – The Laws
Book 7 – The Lash


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