Published!!! Waiting a Lifetime is live!!!

Hey friends,

Thank you so much for tagging along on this journey with me. I’ve finally finished editing and updating Waiting a Lifetime and am SO HAPPY with the result. I’ve published it on and it’s now available for purchase. If you want to own this book and enjoy reading the additions to it, here’s a link you can follow to purchase it:

If you have kindle unlimited then the book is free! If not, I hope you still choose to buy it. I changed quite a bit, so it’ll still be interesting to read. I loved reading this book over and over while editing it, so I hope you feel it’s worth reading more than once like I do.

I can’t wait to hear your opinions. Once you’ve finished reading it, I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts and opinions. I check and Goodreads every day for new reviews and posts, and I get emails for my wordpress blog when a comment is posted. PLEASE let me know what you think.

Can’t wait to hear from all of you!!!


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