The Secret Diaries of Ruby Ryanne and Aroura LeNayes – Chapter Two


It all started with a wish. I will warn you now, be careful what you wish for, because it could very well put you in more danger than could ever imagine. Sometimes, wishes are meant to be left unspoken, and unheard. Once upon a time, I made a wish—a wish to be super special, and have all the attention of the world on me. I can tell you all, I did, in fact, get my wish; but little did I know, what followed would put me on the run for longer than I ever thought was imaginable. What followed is what begins my story.

I know they’re there. Watching me around every corner, at every turn; wherever I go, they follow. I wish I had some idea of when they would choose to strike again, and then I wouldn’t have to run all the time. They watch, because they hope to find a way to capture me once and for all. They watch, to see if there is anything else I can do. They’ve seen some of my gifts, and they terrify them. Of course, I’m not the only one with these gifts—all of us who were gifted from birth suffer the same fate of never being able to turn our backs for even a moment. They fear us all, fear what we may do if we choose to rise up against them. So they follow and watch, and when they feel they know us enough, they strike, faster than an Anaconda. Most of us never see them coming. Those who are lucky may escape with their lives. Those who are not…well, they may be better off dying than continuing to live.

I guess, before I continue, I should fill you in on what exactly is happening where I come from. About six years ago, while looking for a way to clone human DNA, scientists discovered a rare genetic abnormality which caused the afflicted genes to mutate and produce extraordinary traits within their host individuals. Of course, as with any extraordinary discovery, the scientists immediately brought their finds to the government, who, as governments always do, overreacted and issued a state of emergency. They said that these “superhumans” were to be recovered, or captured, and brought to a safe community for further study to ensure they were no danger to the current human population. ‘Clairvoyants,’ as they called us, were not to be trusted by any means, and were to be turned in straight away if found. The early captives were given the choice to become part of the tracking team, or die on the spot. As you can imagine, many chose life over death and thus, the Tracers were formed. However, when some Clairvoyants began disobeying orders and helping fugitives hide, drastic measures were taken. The government rounded up all of the teams of Tracers and took a genetic sample from each which was set aside and refrigerated for later use, then killed off the whole group, hoping to ensure that knowledge would not be passed from the original Tracers to Clairvoyants still in hiding.

During this time, the public became increasingly paranoid about the existence of a “mutant race” and began to beg scientists to develop a way to find them and take them away. The scientists worked long hard hours until they finally came up with the solution. A flyer was sent out, and suddenly dozens of citizens were lined up at the laboratory doors, ready and willing to be injected with the modified genetic material of the original Tracers, giving them the ability to sense and track down any Clairvoyant within a 5 mile radius and an immunity to the gifts other Clairvoyants possessed but gave them none of the gifts that would classify them as Clairvoyants themselves. Although the government questioned the logic of using Clairvoyant genes to create a new team of Tracers, scientists assured them that all hints of gifts and abnormalities had been modified out, with no chance of recurrence; that the ability to sense the presence of the gifted would never be a danger to society, only the best and most reliable way to rid the world of those who poisoned it. When the world was rid of Clairvoyants once and for all, the ability would fade and cease to exist leaving the Tracers to live as normal human beings once again. From this moment on, none of us were safe. The new rules for the Tracers were as follows: “No questions, no pleas for mercy. Capture the target and bring them in by whatever means necessary. If that requires murder, then bring the target in dead or dying. But do not, by any means, let a target escape.” Suddenly, we were on the run, and fearing for our lives. Any Clairvoyant had two choices to resist capture: run, or die trying.  I was one of the lucky few who escaped. I have been running ever since.

It started like any normal day for me—I was having breakfast with my parents. That’s when things began to go wrong. My parents had heard about the formation of the Tracers, and had been preparing for this day since the teams were sent out from the laboratory. The knock on our front door was loud like thunder. I remember both parents hugging me tightly, tears in their eyes, and telling me they loved me. That was the last time I ever saw them. I ran to my bedroom and dragged out the backpack from under my bed that they had packed for me with the necessities to last me a few months, and a few thousand dollars to make sure I would always be able to find food and a place to stay. I heard their screams from the kitchen as the Tracers tortured them for information about where they had me hidden then the sickening silence that followed. My parents gave their life so I could survive. I knew I had already wasted too much time, but I said a quick silent goodbye, then slipped out the window and never looked back.

There is a certain skill required to survive as a known Clairvoyant—some possess it, but many only have one or two of the known gifts. I can imagine by now you are all dying to know what made us so different that we were feared above all others. Six things…well, six known things set us apart from those who were referred to as the “normal human race.” Some of us possessed the ability to read and manipulate the emotions of those around us, also known as Empathy. Very similar to that are Telepathy, and Voodoo—The abilities to either communicate with people on a subliminal level and place ideas and thoughts into someone’s subconscious, or the ability to cause physical pain without ever laying your hands on the person. These were the most common of gifts for a Clairvoyant to possess. Going beyond that, the gift key to our survival was the gift of Persuasion. As the name suggests, it gave us the ability to persuade anyone into doing anything we needed them to do, short causing harm to themselves or others. This comes in handy when interacting with anyone who knows of your status, but is not immune to the effect of a Clairvoyant gift. The last two are the most rare gifts—Elemental Manipulation, and the ability to see and communicate with the deceased. The seventh, final, and most rare gift of them all is not known by the scientists because so few Clairvoyants are born with this ability, and those who are rarely know they have it until it is pointed out by another Clairvoyant who stumbles across them in their running. This mystery gift is the ability to completely shield yourself from detection and walk under the radar as if you are not a Clairvoyant, but a normal, ungifted, human being. Little is known about this final gift, even within the Clairvoyant race themselves; mostly because I was the first, and possibly the last person who was lucky enough to stumble across one of these genuinely unique beings.

I should have let her be. She wouldn’t be watched nearly as closely if I had simply walked away after that fateful day. However, I felt a pull, a curiosity if you will, to find out more about this special gift. I needed to know her, and everything about her. She filled a hole in my heart that had been empty since the day I left home. I couldn’t ever give up such a special bond. Not now. Not ever.


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