The Secret Diaries of Ruby Ryanne and Aroura LeNayes – Chapter One


For years I thought I was alone in the world. With no one to understand my fear and loneliness, I thought I was just going crazy. Then one day, a woman came up to me and greeted me as if she’d known me for. . . well, years. I know, because I felt something familiar about her, too. She looked deep into my eyes and seemed to gaze straight into my heart as she spoke to me.           We quickly became friends, telling each other our deepest secrets, and all about our shared curse. How we were never caught and captured in those early days from our recklessness remains a mystery to me. Perhaps someday I’ll figure it out.

Aroura, as she told me to call her, was beautiful and smart. She was younger than me, but so very wise for her age. She was an angel stuck inside a fragile, human body – trapped in the mortal coil that is life. She was the one who made me realize there was a reason I was so paranoid all the time; that there was a good reason for always looking over my shoulder.

And it was her who I first fell in love with. She told me the truth about the ugly world we were born into.

The beginning of her story started six years ago – two years before we actually met – with the government’s first plan of action: telling the public that those of us with special abilities, like Aroura and me, were dangerous. They said the only way to keep us under control was to lock us up or kill us. The government said that, because of the things we could do, we weren’t actually human but criminals – no, rabid animals that needed to be domesticated. They called us a genetic mistake. And from that point on, we were labeled as Clairvoyants – were no longer obedient, or accepted and therefore not controllable or answerable. We lacked proper control, were irresponsible, and undisciplined, and only the government had the means to contain us. Just goes to show you how idiotic they are. Not all of us are Clairvoyant.

We became our own race, singled out by the name. If you had any abnormality, whether strong or weak, you were a Clairvoyant.

The public was afraid, so of course they believed the lies that spewed from the politician’s mouths like rabies. The people wanted us dealt with and unable to cause chaos; so the Tracers were formed. Those of us in the early years that were first caught became the first members of that organization. They were trained to betray us all and bring us straight to Seventh Sanctum. There were few rules a Tracer had to follow in obtaining the objective; all they had to do was bring us in by any means necessary. Alive was preferred but not necessary.

We know that Seventh Sanctum is said to be a rehabilitation center for the Clairvoyants to keep us civil, but in reality, it is much closer to being a science lab or torture center; our very own hell on earth.

Beyond this point is unclear, mostly because no Clairvoyant has made it out of Seventh Sanctum alive.


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